Weekend Fun!

I have a few blog posts in my mind that I’ll type up when I have more time.

In the meantime here’s a brief update and a few pictures.


We lost one of our sand volleyball games and won 2 games on Friday.  Gretchen, Marie, Dennis, and I went out to eat afterwards.  Saturday morning, I went to a Discover Scuba Diving class before volunteering at 2 sites and got to babysit a cutie pie!  Easter Sunday, I had dinner with my parents and Dennis.  We hung out in the backyard a bit and went geocaching.


Sand volleyball was fun even though we lost all 3 games on Friday.  We played really well and came pretty doggone close to winning those games!  Went out to eat with Devon and Dennis afterwards before meeting up with Morgan and Michael.  Dennis and I headed off to a Midnight Run 5K that started at 11:59pm and bumped into someone I do gymnastics with.  I started off Saturday morning with some delicious chocolate pancakes before volunteering at 2 places….I was wiped so I just stayed in Saturday evening to get some work done.  This morning, I met up with Dennis and John to go geocaching before volunteering.  Ended today with a home cooked meal…yum!

Pictures from the past week or so in no particular order.

Have a great week!  Maybe I’ll have some extra time to type up a real post!  🙂

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