Oz Run and a Quick What I’ve Been Up To Post

Weekends sure keep me busy!

It was great catching up with Morgan, Rusty, lil’ Dylan, Tara, and Chris Friday night.

Saturday was a blast even though it wore me out.  I started the morning with a 5K run.  It was COLD.  I learned my lesson from the last 5K run and bought some gloves along.  It was about 39 degrees and was so windy that the wind chill was around 28 degrees.   I ended up walking half of it so my time was around 34-35 minutes (doggone knee).  Dennis did great especially without any training!!

Shawn also ran his first official half-marathon!  I need to start training so I can keep up with Shawn and Andrea.  🙂

The Oz Run had a fun and local feel to it.  It went right past my high school which bought back some good memories.  The races were called:  The Dorothy Dash 5K, Wickedly Fast Half Marathon, and The Oz Marathon.

I bumped into a teacher I volunteered with for several years and the mother of a child I used to volunteer with.  Was a fun surprise!

There was a group of people who were dressed up as Dorothy, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man which made for a fun atmosphere.  A couple also got married right before the 5K started.  I passed the bride a couple of times and she was in white running clothes with a veil…she also had red shoes on.

After the 5K I headed home to get ready for the rest of the day which consisted of bowling with my parents for my mom’s birthday, HLAA social movie, eating dinner at the Plaza (with Dennis, Devon, Lucy, and Anna), and attending a PartyLite Party at Gretchen’s.

Today was my mom’s official birthday so we grilled dinner, ate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, and had gifts!

I’ll have to remember to blog soon about what I’m currently doing as a volunteer…am enjoying the challenge and meeting new people!  Oh, yeah….sand volleyball is now in full swing!

Also signed up for Aerial Fitness classes with Samantha and Jessika.  Am way excited about those classes!  More on that later also.

Am signing off for now but here are a few pictures.  Have a great week!

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