Charity vs Sherry and Teeth Brushing

Has it really been almost a month since my last post?!   Time flies.

Just thought I would  mention a small CI moment.  This won’t seem very impressive to most of you but thought it was kinda cool especially since I wasn’t actively listening.

Of course, charity and sherry are 2 entirely different words with different numbers of syllables.

At dinner, Dennis was talking about a dodgeball charity tournament and he was sim-comming (signing and speaking at the same time).  I happened to look away for a second and missed that Dennis had signed “charity.”  I did catch part of the word via lip-reading and listening.

I asked him “who?”  I was confused because I thought I heard “Sherry” which didn’t match up with what we were talking about.  Then Dennis repeated that he had said “charity.”

I am always mixing up the “SH” and “CH” sounds.  So, to me…sherry sounds similar to charity.  This is kind of an example of how sometimes I can identify certain sounds but I don’t  always pick them all out.  In this case I was able to pick out there was a “SH” or a “CH” sound and figured out there was a “R” in there somewhere.  It’s a fill-in-the-blank game for my brain.

This is random….but no one ever told me that you can hear a person brushing their teeth from across the room…and it’s quite noisy.

2 thoughts on “Charity vs Sherry and Teeth Brushing

  1. WOW! This is a great example of differences between people for technology. I can hear with my aids on the phone, and pick up much more of conversation than I think you can—yet I can’t hear someone brush their teeth. I didn’t know it was noisy! (now I’m paranoid…kinda like eating around other ppl?)

    • You’re right about the differences between people for technology. Just so fascinating how that works and goes to show how unique each person really is…

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