Grandparents: It was just a dream

I have had some amusing and wacky dreams recently.  I really enjoyed the dream where I was on a beach in Japan even though it was disappointing to wake up to a predicted wind chill of -25 degrees F.

I had a dream last night and all 4 of my grandparents were in it.  My Grandmother passed away about 12 years ago, Grandpa passed away about 4 years ago, Grandfather passed away last year, and Grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago.

It was a wonderful dream.  Each grandparent was just the way I remembered them before they had health issues.  When I woke up, I had to remind myself that they were no longer here.

When my grandfather passed away last year and my grandma passed away recently I debated about if I wanted to type up a post.   At those times, I wasn’t 100% comfortable doing so since the Internet is such a public place .  A couple of cousins chose to do so and I have greatly enjoyed reading their posts.

This dream reminded me the importance of always remembering loved ones whether it being through writing, talking, or sharing pictures.  I chose to post some older pictures because that’s how I want to remember them.

Grandmother, you were quite the chef!  You were always in the kitchen baking up a storm.  Even after all these years, we’re still amazed at how you were able to stand on your feet all day long cooking delicious meals and how our food never comes out as good as yours did.  You always looked so beautiful.  I remember as a young girl, when I would spend the night, I would always try to sneak a peek at your jewelry chest that was in the guest bedroom (without touching anything) hoping I would get a glimpse of necklaces or earrings that were lying around.  Every time I see pearls, I think of you.

Grandfather, you were such a hard worker. I always admired you for that and always hoped I would inherit at least a tiny bit of that. The last time I saw you at your house, you shared some of your war experiences with us. I throughly enjoyed that. When we got together for your 90th birthday party, you were late because you were busy chasing a cow that had gotten out of the fence at your farm. You were always amazing us at your ability to do what you could, you never let your age stop you.

Grandpa, oh where do I start?! You were always teasing and joking around! 🙂 You knew how to make everyone smile with your sense of humor and silliness! When I would spend the night at your house, you always made I had a good time. You would take me to the State Fair, the park, swimming, hot-air balloon shows, and airplane shows. The grandkids and I made an anniversary gift for you and Grandma. We had traced our hands on a large piece of paper and signed our names. You and Grandma still had it 12 years later hanging up in your garage.

Grandma, you were an amazing woman. You were in constant pain but always had a smile on your face whenever I saw you.  Even with your constant pain from your rheumatoid arthritis you always tried to write notes to me when I couldn’t understand you. You always signed “I love you” to me even though you had to be hurting. You taught piano for many years and I remember your piano room. Us grandkids would always go downstairs and hang out there after unwrapping our Christmas gifts.

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