Dodgeball and Groundhog Race

Dodgeball league started a couple of weekends ago.  We play a practice game + 5 games each match which usually takes about 20-30 minutes total.  Each team has 6 players but we can play with a minimum of 5 without having to forfeit.  Since 13 people signed up we decided to form two teams instead of one big team to make sure everyone got a lot of playing time.

Team Cogito Ergo Boom:  Samantha, Cesar, Drough, Dennis, Pam, Brock, and me.

Team Captain Chris Cannonballs:  Chris, Brittany, Amir, Gretchen, Kevin, and Marie

I’m looking forward to the Sunday when both teams will play against each other!  🙂

I signed up for an underground race with Dennis and Andrea.  Unfortunately, my knee has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks.  I had to downgrade from 10K to 5K but am glad I was still able to participate.  Dennis and Andrea did awesome!  My final time was around 35 minutes which was better than I expected especially since I haven’t ran more than a mile at a time in a few months and I had to walk about 5-6 minutes of the run.  It was awesome to participate with over 3,000 other runners.  It was well organized and was a nice way to beat the winter blues.  It’s one of the largest (if not THE) underground race in the nation.

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