Music Tickles

I met up with a few friends tonight and we eventually ended up at a grill/bar place to sit and chat.  At some point a DJ started playing some music.  Even though we’re deaf, we all enjoy listening to music and feeling music.

Let me back up a little bit before continuing with the point of this blog post.  When I was living in NYC I would go out with my hearing classmates every once in a while in Manhattan and we would always end up in some place with loud music.  Every once in a while I would get this uncomfortable feeling like I was being tickled but no one else seemed to be affected and there was never even a hint of a reaction so I always thought it was just me.

Anyways, while we were listening to the music and talking about which song we liked the beats of…the topic of how we tend to feel things before we hear things came up.  Sometimes, if something is so loud that I can feel it…I almost don’t hear it.  Right after that discussion, a song came on and a friend said….

“ooo…..that tickles my butt..”

We knew exactly what she meant.  Throughout the night random songs would come on and even though we could hear the music…our senstation of touch just overtakes what we hear….and certain songs have certain vibrations that just tickles you!

There was even one song what was so ticklish that we had to take our arms off the table and lift our feet off the floors!  We commented about how hearing people don’t seem to react to this and we wondered if music ever feels ticklish to hearing people……

2 thoughts on “Music Tickles

  1. I know what you’re talking about, but I’ve only noticed it with really loud or really bass-heavy music…and then mostly just if I’m standing too close to the speakers. Not something I experience in a typical night out at a place with live music.

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