Sunny and Snowy Days

We got about 6 inches or 8 inches or 9 inches of snow (depending on where you measure and who you ask) yesterday!  I turn into a little kid when it snows especially when it’s sunny!

I spent 2 hours shoveling our driveway and then went for a walk.  It was beautiful and peaceful to see nothing but sparkling white stuff everywhere.  I always feel bad when I leave footprints in something so beautiful!  Afterwards, Morgan and I met up to go sledding.

There’s an awesome hill in town where you can get some speed (it’s more steep than it looks in the pictures)!  There are signs posted saying “no sledding” but tell that to the 100-150 people who were there sledding with us.  🙂  It’s the kind of hill where you may break your sled…..I always see several left behind broken sleds!

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