Hello WordPress!

Bye Blogger! You were a great blog site for a couple of years.

Hello WordPress!

I have imported previous Blogger posts to WordPress and you can find them all right here.

I decided to move to WordPress since the other 3 blogs I write for happen to be WordPress also. It’s easier to manage all 4 of my blogs in one place.  🙂

My new blog website is https://lifeisaboutcreatingyourself.wordpress.com and http://kelimalia.blogspot.com/will be closed in a few weeks so be sure to update! 🙂

Be sure to check out some features I have added to this blog (right column):
RSS Feeder: Click on this to subscribe if you use a RSS Reader
E-Mail Subscription: Enter your e-mail address if you want posts e-mailed directly to you
Search for a Keyword: Instead of tags and categories, you can type in a keyword to pull up relevant posts

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