Taco Bell

I went to an ASL Film, Black Sand, with a few friends tonight.  I was glad the captions were on even though my primary mode of communication is sign language…my first language is English.

You would think that after being exposed to Deaf culture for a while I would be used to seeing flying hands in the air.  I still am not used to it and it still takes me a few minutes to adjust to it.  It’s like I have to leave my “hearing hat” at the door.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I do enjoy it and it is a nice break from trying to lipread constantly.  
What I am the most used to is working with people as a team to have successful communication which oftentimes means meeting each other halfway.  Most of my close deaf friends are not culturally Deaf.  They will mouth as they sign or voice and sign (total communication/sim com).  I grew up using a combo of both sign language and lipreading.  
I still get caught off guard when I see a large group of culturally Deaf people sign fluent ASL.  Not a bad thing, but it does serve as a reminder that I truly do live in both the deaf and hearing worlds.  That I am always trying to adapt to situations.  It has taught me to have a go with the flow attitude.  
You may be wondering why I titled this post, Taco Bell.  Well 4 of us decided to eat a quick dinner at Taco Bell before heading to the ASL Film which was at the local school for the Deaf.  We bumped into 3 other friends while eating there.  It is fascinating to me to see how easy it is to bump into other deaf people within a 5 mile radius of that school.  ๐Ÿ™‚  It does give me a sense of a community.

It is amazing to see how aware and comfortable hearing people are when it comes to interacting with deaf people within that area.  They don’t freak out.  They don’t stare.  They know how to communicate with deaf/hoh people.

Only if the rest of the world operated that way.

It is a nice escape every once in a while.
Hopefully this post makes sense.  It’s getting late and I’m half asleep already.  ๐Ÿ™‚  

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