Hot dog, Cowboy, Ice Cream, Airplane, Toothbrush

Hot dog…


Ice Cream…….



Does the above list remind you of anything?  Yep, it’s a few words from the list of 20-30 words that audiologists have used for many years as part of the sound booth test.

Year after year I was expected to choose what word was being said from this list without lipreading.  The list was ALWAYS the same.

The list was usually given to me on a piece of paper with pictures to represent each word and I had to guess what was being said.

It somehow came up during a discussion with a few other deaf buddies recently and apparently everyone had that list memorized.  πŸ˜‰  We never really understood why they didn’t spice up that list by throwing in a few new words every once in a while.

When I went into for my cochlear implant evaluation last year, I had to do a few hearing tests with my hearing aids.  One of the tests involved the audiologist saying words from a list (that I did not have in front of me) with her mouth covered.  Well, I have never been able to understand speech without lipreading.  I assumed she was shooting words from that same old list that I had became familiar with over the 20+ past years.

This was a new audiologist and she was required to give this test as part of the cochlear implant evaluation even though I told her I wouldn’t understand anything she said without lipreading.  So I sat there and it sounded like these were multi-syllable words so I started shooting off replies such as….”hotdog” and “airplane” that I had been “trained” to do.

Let’s just say she stopped after a few words because I was wayyyy off base and I looked like a fool for making the wild guesses I had.  πŸ™‚

Turns out, they use an entirely different list for cochlear implant evaluations and follow-ups.

To this day, anytime someone says “hotdog”…..I automatically picture sheet of pictures/words and various audiologists who have said “hotdog” to me over the years.  πŸ™‚

To see a brief example check out 2:30 of this video clip

1 thought on “Hot dog, Cowboy, Ice Cream, Airplane, Toothbrush

  1. Baseball…That was the one word on that list I'll never forget. Three different audiologists and I know what the word is but I always want to repeat it back in the same way it sounds: baaaay-baaaaahhhhhhhh

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