I’m Different

I’m different.

No, I’m not referring to being deaf.

I have always been a bit different from everyone else.

I grew up thinking it was a bad thing to be different, to think differently, and to have a different perspective.  Now, I have accepted that I’m different and am loving that I’m different even though people may not always understand where I come from.

Call it weird.  Call it shy.  Call it awkward.  Call it abnormal.  Call it what you want but I am who I am.

Yes, it is lonely at times because I wish I could share my world with everyone else.  I love getting sneak peeks of other people’s worlds but I have yet to figure out how to share my world without constantly being judged for thinking differently and questioning things.

Why does society put so much emphasis on “sameness?”

3 thoughts on “I’m Different

  1. Oh Kelly. I actually don't think you're that different. Not that different is bad, or that sameness is good. Often when I read your blogs, you have articulated what I think, but struggle to express. I have enough hearing with my aids to function in the hearing world just enough that people forget that I'm deaf…I've been told by the Deaf community that because I'm functional in the hearing world, I'm just hard of hearing. It's only been in the last year or so that I have decided, no, I'm DEAF. If I lost my aids, my world would be drastically different, so I want to set up my world to be that way. But as for being different (and not referring to deafness) it's hard. I call myself shy, and people laugh at me and say, "yeah, right". But they weren't with me when I went to a women's group at church and burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed. They don't realize that if I don't know anyone, it's too much. The question is, is some of our "differentness" not related to deafness actually part of our deafness? For instance, my husband speculated that growing up, I ALWAYS knew someone..and as an adult, I usually had an interpreter in most of those situations where people are off on their own totally. Even when I don't have an interpreter, walking into a new meeting, I've usually met at least one person, so that I can make accommodations for myself, or just to make them aware. I've met at least one person. So am I truly, or is that a product of my environment?..(ok I think I'll stop talking and go write my own blog.).

  2. Erin: Some good points there. Sometimes I do wonder how much of being deaf has shaped who I am. It's not a bad thing, but it does make a person realize how much one thing can shape them into who they are today.

  3. Hi Kelly, thanks for posting this! I feel "different," too, and like Erin, I wonder how much of that is because of my hearing loss and how much is just me. Good things to think about. I think we are all a little bit lonely and want to be completely known.

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