I Challenge You

I have a challenge for you but it will take effort on your part.  This may not be ideal for a whole day but I challenge you to try it for at least a couple of hours.

Every SINGLE comment and conversation you have with someone, I want you to think about that particular situation as if you hadn’t heard that particular piece of information.

This will be challenging but try the best you can.

An few examples:
-If you make toast in the morning.  How would you know your toast was ready if you didn’t hear it?
-If you take a shower in the morning.  How would you know if the water was definitely off?
-If you use the turn signal on your car.  How would you know if the signal was on/off?
-If you sat in at a work meeting.  How would you know who was speaking at a particular moment?
-If someone says something quickly to you in passing.  What would you know if he/she was saying?
-If you had lunch in a dimmed restaurant.  Would you be able to understand others were saying?
-If you take the subway.  How would you know why the train was stalled?  Or which train you were on?

This activity is not intentioned to make you feel sorry for me or for people with hearing loss.  Instead, it’s intentioned for you to view the world in a different way.

Every single item you hear regardless of if it’s language or environment sounds….THINK about what you just heard and how it affects your reaction and thought process.  Then THINK about what you would have done if you hadn’t heard it.

As much as I love hearing with my cochlear implant and hearing aid, I truly do think people get lost in a world of sounds.  There’s so much more to the world than just sounds.

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