Justin Timberlake

I admit I was one of those high school girls who was in love with N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys. I had a N*SYNC poster in my bedroom and wanted to be one of their backup dancers.

They had songs that were easy to follow with hearing aids if I learned the lyrics and beats (with practice). They were cute. They were always dancing which made the music visual. They were cute. They had music videos that were actually captioned. And…well….they were cute.
I continued to follow Justin Timberlake’s music after N*SYNC’s breakup.
As cheesy as it sounds, Justin Timberlake has stayed with me through all my stages of hearing. I enjoyed N*SYNC before I ended my “I’m not wearing hearing aids” stage. I learned there’s more to music than just sounds. I listened to N*SYNC when I was getting used to my new hearing aids in high school. I watched Justin Timberlake music videos in the wee hours in the mornings as a college student with the TV muted so I wouldn’t wake up my roommates. I loved cracking up his CDs in the car so I could feel the beats. I also got a kick out of listening to him beatboxing.
Even after I got my CI, I continued to enjoy Justin Timberlake. However, it has been in a completely different way.
When I have my iTouch on shuffle….I sometimes recognize his voice as something that sounds familiar but can’t quite put my finger on it. Sometimes I know exactly which song it is right off the bat. Other times, I don’t even realize I’m listening to him until I look at my iTouch.
I’ve listened to his songs so many times over the years and am familiar with his most popular songs. I am familiar with the lyrics. I used to recognize songs by beats, but am discovering I recognize songs in different ways. Sometimes I feel like I’m listening to his songs for the first time.
It’s hit and miss.
Justin’s Rock Your Body came on a few weeks ago in Dennis’ car. Dennis hinted it was a song I should know but I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t get it until I looked at his Zune to see what song it was.
A couple of weeks later, I was catching up on e-mails while riding back from Colorado with music playing in the background in the car. I was not focusing on the music at all, I actually tuned the music out. I was so focused on e-mailing and nothing else. I didn’t even recognize one of Timberlake’s song had been playing for a minute until out of the blue, I heard “I don’t mean no harm.”
I looked up and grabbed Dennis’ Zune to make sure I wasn’t imaging things. Sure enough, it was Rock Your Body.
That was a bizarre moment. One of the few times I’ve ever recognized a song by the lyrics only and not the beats. I wasn’t even listening for it. Heck, I wasn’t even paying attention.
A very rare moment. A moment that has stuck with me ever since because I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again.
I still enjoy music videos without sound. While I want to continue to learn how to appreciate music with my CI, I never want to forget how to enjoy music without sound.

2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake

  1. I had an experience like that a couple of years ago. I had a particular song stuck in my head and really wanted to listen to it, but I couldn't find the tape (yes, tape! I am old-old-old school! 😉 Plus, the car I was driving at the time only had a tape player). I couldn't find anything else I wanted to listen to, so I just turned the radio on. Which I never do because I never know what it is playing! I'm like you, I can only learn music with a lot of patience, memorizing lyrics and beats, etc. But I just wanted some noise in the car, you know? Even if I couldn't understand it.WELL! Lo and behold, the station started playing the very song I had wanted to listen to and I was shocked that I could recognize it without any prompting! I savored every minute of being able to listen to the radio! Hasn't happened since… and like your experience, I'm not sure it will again. But it was so fun! It's the little things…! 😉

  2. Lucy,Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to know others have had the same experience and know what I'm talking about.It's always strange how it works. It's like everything has to be just right for something like that to happen. You're right. It's always the little things. 🙂

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