Bridging generation gap with color photographs

I love pictures. I don’t think many of my friends understand why I take so many pictures of them! I’m sure it annoys them at times. 🙂

If I had the money I could see myself getting into photography. Right now, I just point and shoot. I want to be able to take in what is going on around me and if I focus too much on the technical aspect then I’ll miss out on interacting with people face-to-face. So I just snap quick pictures here and there.
There’s always been something about old pictures. I wonder what people in the pictures were thinking. I wonder where they’re at now. I wonder what was going on. I create little stories with my imagination.
Maybe it’s just me but color seems to somehow bridge generations. Even though the world is different now than 100 years ago, are we really all that different from our great-grandparents?
Things were different, yet same.
One of my favorite things to do when I travel or when I find myself in an older part of town is to just imagine what it would have looked like if I had lived 50-150 years ago. I ran across this photography series and it does exactly what I try to do in my head. Each photography is made up of 2 pictures taken in the same location (one taken in 1945 and one taken in 2010).

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