Why do we social bluff?

Why do we social bluff?

We = everyone not just people with hearing loss.

Hearing people social bluff all the time too. I’ve caught them so many times. Sometimes they won’t ask me to repeat my speech or something I signed even though it’s obvious they didn’t understand what I said.
Sometimes in loud settings I understand what someone is saying via lipreading whereas a hearing friend acts like he/she knows what was being said even though it’s too loud for them to hear.
Sometimes I ask a hearing friend what someone said because he/she acted like he/she knew. Only to discover that my friend really had no idea what was being said.
So why do we do this?
Is it embarrassing to ask someone to repeat themselves?
Are we embarrassed that we didn’t understand what was being said?
Why is it embarrassing? Should it be?
Why isn’t it more acceptable to interrupt someone and ask them to repeat what was said?

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