Insanity Week 1 and Rock the Crosswalk 5K

I’m done with P90X. I never actually completed all 90 workouts in 90 days but I figure I got all 90 workouts done somewhere in the span of a year. 😉 I actually restarted the program a couple of times but kept getting stuck around the 7th-8th week. It was hard to make the commitment to continue working out when I was bored with the workouts. I also kept getting sidetracked with other things.

I decided to give Insanity a try since it’s a shorter workout program (63 days). I do like how the workouts are shorter than P90X but my biggest complaint is that it doesn’t seem to focus on the core/upper body as much as I would like. There’s a lot of cardio so we’ll see if that improves my endurance any. I definitely sweat a lot during this workout! Sweat gets everywhere….in my eyes…in my mouth….on the floor!

I could see myself doing a sort of P90X and Insanity hybrid workout program at some point. They both have pros and cons. Just need to figure out how to combine the pros from both workouts to make an excellent workout program.

It has been hard to stay with running in this heat wave and all the Insanity cardio I’m doing. I am still trying to get short distances in here and there. I figure a 1 or a 2 mile run is better than nothing.
I participated in a 5K walk/run with Dennis, Shane, and Seth last Saturday. It was downtown KC at 7pm on one of the hottest day of the year. The heat index was about 107 degrees F! I ended up having to walk half of it (finishing in about 36 minutes) but was just glad I was able to finish it in one piece. Sometimes I think a 5K walk/run can represent things we go through in life. There are a lot of challenges, uphills, downhills, times where you wonder if you will make it, easy times, etc.

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