I was never a big fan of video games growing up but I did own Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I enjoyed playing video games for about 15 minutes at a time. I just wasn’t one of those kids who would sit in front of a TV and play for hours and hours.

I didn’t even know you could finish video games. In my 6 year old brain I thought they were never ending games. I didn’t realize it until my older cousins would complete them for me whenever they spent the weekend. I always had fun checking out the new levels that were unlocked. To this day, I have never completed a video game.

I decided to hook up my Nintendo and Super Nintendo yesterday. There’s just something about 8-bit video games that makes me smile….well…until Mario dies in flames.
I think I actually squealed out loud with excitement when I confirmed that everything still worked! I forgot how small…and… rectangular the controls are with so few buttons. Ah, the good old simple life.
The thing that surprised me was that I remembered all the secret tricks and secret boxes that I used to know. The funny thing is I found that I would die in the exact same spot that I used to have problems with. I guess my gaming skills haven’t improved with age.
I found myself giggling whenever Mario got those special fireball powers and flying skills. I found myself pushing harder on the control whenever I wanted to jump higher (like that really helps).
I remember so clearly how much my parents used to play with my Nintendo. Sometimes I would sneak downstairs when I was supposed to be asleep only to find my parents sitting on the couch playing Nintendo. I think they played with it more than I did.
I owned Mario Bros. 3 which was my favorite game for a couple of years because there was an ice world and Mario could fly! I had the chickenpox when I was about 5 or 6 years old and I was stuck on the couch so my parents rented this game from a video store. I played it often enough that I eventually got it as a gift later that year. Ever since then…every single time I see something that reminds me of Mario Bros. 3…I remember when I had chickenpox and how Mario and Lugi (the poor neglected guy) rescued me from boredom.
It’s just amazing to me how strong associations we create when we’re kids. How easy certain things come back to us even if it’s been years.
Where would we be without the Mario brothers?
P.S. Remember the dog that would laugh at you whenever you missed a duck or disc in Duck Hunt?

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