Do I Want a Christian Missionary to Cure My "Deafness?" (Part 1 of 2)

The summer season is in full swing! I’m hoping to have time this week to post more.

This note was given to me and a few other friends at the pool yesterday. Things like this happen from time to time. At least he knew we could read unlike some people who actually ask if I can read. 😉

“Hi, my name is Randy. About a year ago I had severe allergies. I could only eat a few foods and I could not go into a pool because of allergies to chlorine. A Christian missionary prayed for me and I was healed. I can eat anything, without any allergy reaction. This Christian missionary has prayed for deaf people and God has completely healed them to enable them to hear.”
“This Christian missionary will be in Kansas City this summer. Would any of you who are not able to hear well or not at all be interested in this missionary praying for you? Let me know, Randy.”

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