Ice Maker Buzzer

I was able to identify the sound the ice maker makes!

So what?!? What’s the big deal about this you ask? Let me explain and maybe it’ll give you a sense of how much is involved in the process of learning/identifying a sound without prior knowledge.
I was listening to music on my laptop through my audio cable which reduces the outside sound and I was also IMing with people. My laptop makes a sort of chiming sound when I get new messages or send messages.
I kept hearing a random buzz in the kitchen. One that I had never heard before.
Yes, a buzz. I was able to describe the sound using “buzz” instead of “I hear something.” I was pleased about this.

I could not figure out what it was but kept hearing it over all the other sounds.
Limited access to outside sound, music, and IM chimes. I was able to sort through the cloud of different sounds to pick out a single sound.

Just as I was ready to get out of my chair to investigate and see if I could find the source of the sound….I realized there was a new sound in additional to the buzz.
I identified two distinctive sounds and how they were different.

It sounded like several objects were hitting other objects.
Once again, being able to describe a sound with details. This is something I’ve struggled to learn and still do.

*Flashbulb went off* It was the ice maker.
The ice maker is just a simple little noise. Nothing compared to listening to someone talking or a noisy setting. Yet so much was involved in the process of trying to figure out what I was hearing.
Is it important that I hear this sound? No.
Does being able to hear this sound affect the quality of my life? No.

Should a person get a CI just to hear this? No.

Did I enjoy hearing it? Yes, I enjoyed the challenge of figuring the sound out more than the sound itself.
I’m comfortable with being deaf yet I like hearing. That’s a concept that some people seem to have difficulty grasping.
Is it okay to enjoy both being deaf and hearing? YES!

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