Aural Rehab

I admit it, I fell off the aural rehab/auditory training wagon once again. I did get back on track today and did some work with the Sound and WAY Beyond computer program. I have mentioned before I usually choose a word from a closed set of 4 words and I know the general topic (e.g. animals, time, numbers, etc.)

I try not to look at the 4 words ahead of time so I can see what I can pick out just from hearing the word and knowing the category. There are approximately 100 possible words in each category even though only 4 are listed at a time. I’m usually way off but every once in a blue moon I come pretty close. I usually come pretty close 2 or 3 times out of 25 different sets within a category and once I look at the words…I generally get around 70-90% correct (depending on how focused I am at that moment).

Just thought I would share with you my rare “I got it!” moments that happened during today’s auditory training.

The words in the red=my guess, and the words in the blue=correct word.

1) Octopus (I got this one right off the bat..knowing the category was “animals” and knowing this was one of the 100 words in this category I’ve ran across before. I still think it’s pretty cool I got it out of 100 possible animal words without having to look at the closed set list of 4 words!)
2) Sunday, Saturday

3) Late, Lent
4) -at, Cat
5) -6, 96
6) 6-, 63
7) 95 (got this one completely correct!)
8) 69, 96
9) May (completely correct too!)
10) Full, Hall

Even though I’m usually way off base 90-95% of the time without looking at the closed set words….I’m pleased that I’m finally getting something and will take what I can and will continue to build on that over time.

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