I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of reflecting over the next few weeks about the past year with the CI so just bear with me. 🙂

When I was first activated….all I wanted to do was just take the CI processor off, toss it off the top of a skyscraper, and run over it with a semi truck.
Almost a year later…..I’m walking downstairs while fixing my hair (multitasking!) and I dropped a hair clip but wasn’t sure where it went. My first thought was…
*Shoot, I don’t have my CI on…how am I supposed to know if it landed on the carpeted steps or the hardwood floor?!* I was actually annoyed with myself for not having the CI on at that moment.
Funny how things can change if you stick with it long enough.

Implant Migration?

When I first got the implant…I would have random shooting pain near the implant. This would last just a second or two. This was rare and never a constant thing. I figured it was just from the implant settling in and finding its place in my body. The shooting pain was usually followed with an itchy feeling near the implant (I assume from the skin stretching out from the implant).

Then I went several months without that.
Until today that is….
It’s happened at least 30 times (…30 is probably an underestimation) today which is very unusual and odd.
I asked Dennis if this ever happened to him. He said he does get occasional pain near his implant. He also mentioned when he got his new processor his audiologist was concerned his implant was too low. In other words, his implant had migrated south.
A few other friends who have had their implants for years…..their implants are a lot lower than where you expect them to be.
What makes this even more odd is that it’s more than just a couple of random shooting pain. It’s been on and off all day. On top of that I was having some odd issues with the implant. It seemed to go in and out for a couple of weeks. I tried using my back-up processor (per my audiologist’s suggestion) and still had the same problem. It would get quieter and then louder all of the sudden….then quieter again (annoying). Sounds would also become muffled. Ever since I’ve had the shooting pain thingy today….I’ve been able to “hear” better. The volume has been perfect. The sound quality has been great.
Has this ever happened to you?
I’m not overly concerned…..yet. It will be something I will have to keep a close eye on. If it continues to happen within the next few days I’ll have to remember to mention it to my audiologist in a few weeks.

It’s March!

It’s almost spring time which means good-bye cabin fever!
It’s also almost time for “spring forward” which I love. I love long sunny days that lasts until 9pm.
It also means it’s been almost a year since my CI journey started.
Time flies.
As I think about the up and downs I’ve had with the CI….I have so many thoughts but don’t know where to start. Those first 6 months was a crazy roller coaster. Now, it’s a part of my daily life. It’s my “norm” now.
It’s crazy to think back to those first couple of weeks……