Good-Bye Static

I had my one year follow-up mapping yesterday afternoon.
Turns out the “pattern” of my mapping is about the same which wasn’t surprising because it hasn’t changed that much since the first few mappings except the “volume” (or thresholds).
We did solve one big problem that has been an issue for the past few months. Basically back in December or January, I started noticing the sound quality would get really crappy at random moments. At first, I thought maybe it was the audio cable since I seemed to notice it whenever I was listening to music on my iTouch. I messed around with the cable and it seemed to go away for a couple of weeks.
Then I started noticing it would occur once every couple of weeks but didn’t think much of it since it was so random and brief. By February, it would happen once every couple of days. It would kind of go in and out. The volume level would seem fine one minute then the next minute it would become quiet.
Something just sounded off. I couldn’t quite describe it, I just don’t have the vocabulary to always describe what I’m hearing. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be hearing or what it’s supposed to sound like.
By the end of Feb/beginning of March…it got really bad. I also started to get concerned because it was happening with my backup processor too. I contacted my audiologist via e-mail and she suggested a few things I could do. I tried them all, but nothing seemed to work.
I decided to hold off going in because I had a upcoming appointment which was supposed to be last Monday but rescheduled (my grandfather passed away) for yesterday. I was almost at my wit’s end a couple of weeks ago. I was constantly turning the volume up on my laptop, the TV, my iTouch, etc. Things just didn’t sound clear or crisp.
Last weekend, I went to the Deadly Medicine exhibit with 10-12 friends and found myself trying to listen for the audio on the various TV clips they had even though they were all captioned. I couldn’t even pick up the audio at all until the last film when I was struggling really hard to try and pick it out…even then I wasn’t sure if it was just a hmming of an air condition or something or if it was actually the film audio. I went to BW3 later that night with some friends who wanted to watch the UFC fights….while another CI user was complaining about how loud it was, I was silently complaining to myself about how quiet it was to me.
It was that bad. I was f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.e.d.
It did make me realize how I’ve sub-consciously started to seek for a sound whenever I watch TV or there are people talking around me. When I can’t find the sound, I get frustrated because I want that sound, lol.
Hence the reason I was really looking forward to this mapping appointment. Turns out the microphone on BOTH (which is odd) processor are messed up. The audiologist was able to listen to my processor and described it as sounding robotic and static.
I would describe it as not sounding natural and not clear at all.
She had me try one of their loaners and I could tell a difference immediately after the first word she spoke.
*sighs* Whew….I’m just glad we solved that problem and it was just with the external processor….nothing interior.
Things are SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. Now I just need to take a couple of days to readjust to hearing “normally” after things sounding so jumbled up and quiet for a while. I’m supposed to get my replacement parts in a couple of days. In the meantime, I’m using a loaner microphone (the beige part) and I have a tri-colored CI processor for a few days….oy! šŸ˜‰
I have another appointment in a month after I have had a chance to get used to my “normal sounding” CI for a sound booth test.

3 thoughts on “Good-Bye Static

  1. did you replace microphone protectors monthly? My daughter has the Nucleus 5's and I think we need to change them monthly. Where do you go for mapping?

  2. Melinda: Yes, I do replace the microphone protectors every 1-2 months. I do have an appointment with my audiologist Monday so I'm hoping to talk to her…because it seems to be happening again. I've tried everything I can possibly think of. Btw, I took a quick look at your blog. Those headbands are so cute! Such a great idea for children! šŸ™‚

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