Headbands and Glasses

I occasionally wear elastic headbands when working out or when my hair is constantly falling into my face.

No one bothered to mention to me that an implant could possibly cause a mild sense of discomfort when wearing glasses and headbands. My glasses and headbands always seem to hit right at the bottom edge of the implant and rub against it.
I constantly lose these headbands and finally lost my last one the other day (I swear it mysteriously disappeared into thin air). I decided to try a different type of headband.
These headbands are a bit wider and they stay in place better…so they don’t rub against the implant as much.
As for glasses. I don’t wear my glasses often because the Rx is really old and I tend to wear them only at nighttime. I recently got scolded by my optometrist for not taking enough breaks from wearing contacts. That means I need to go shopping for a new frame.
A new frame that doesn’t bother me after an hour of wearing them.
Pre-contacts and pre-CI days…..I did wear glasses with hearing aids and I was usually able to position the HAs in a way that it usually didn’t bother me too much with stuff hanging off of my ears.
However, I can’t exactly move the implant. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s not much room between the back of my ear and the implant. It might be a bit challenging to find a frame that fits well, I like, and is in my price range.
Just thought I would blog about this. Just a couple of things no one really thinks to mention. It’s not really a bit deal…more of a mild annoyance than anything.
P.S. Back to the glasses thing. Did any of you glass-wearers find it impossible to pick out glass frames without contacts? I remember the first few frames I owned (before I had contacts), I couldn’t see how they looked on me until I already bought them and had the correct Rx lenses. It’s sooo much easier shopping for glass frames while wearing contacts…because then you can actually SEE the frames! ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Headbands and Glasses

  1. i use these soft headbands — bondi bands. Awesome! it doesn't put pressure on my head like some of the other headbands, so i'm not as bothered when i'm wearing both sunglasses and the CI. it's perfect! try them! they work. It is a challenge to find the right glasses to go with the CI. also — it keeps the CI in place so it's not gonna fall off!

  2. Kelly – I had the exact same problem!!! My ear was constantly sore and falling everything – frames , CI , anything! My moms solution was to take me shopping and we bought these kid's REALLY light frames – they're looking like they're made of plastic and the lenses are special and pricey – but they've paid their value – we widened them a bit ( company that makes them after heard the problem from opto sent the nose thingy made a little wider to accomodate me. ) They're so light and practically invisible – and I can't feel them!! Also they make my ear feel like there is nothing up there! CI problem number one was solved too ( space on the ear ) Number two was that it always tended to be knocked off and after experimenting with several things I ended up with someone mailing me toupee tape that I stick it on the contured back of CI. I have tried some headbands – but I didn't really settle with them , internal implant sticking up too much.

  3. Hey — definitely agree on the whole hard-to-pick-glasses-when-you-can't-see issue. They always looked different when we picked them up with the Rx lenses in. I LOVE being able to actually see what I am wearing when I try frames on now with my contacts in. (yay contacts)

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