One Year Since Surgery Day

Has it really been a year since I took the plunge?!?

Just for the heck of it:

After Surgery

A few days after surgery…after I was finally given the okay to wash my hair and all the gross dried blood off.

One Year Later

I love the wonderful job my surgeon did! It healed really well and I didn’t have any post-surgery complications (e.g. balance issues, facial palsy, etc). Surgery went as smoothly as it could have. 🙂

It did take a couple of weeks to get used to the idea that I had an object attached to my skull. It was weird to be able to trace the the outline of the implant just by running my fingers across it.

I can allmmooossttt pull all of my hair back in a ponytail now! 😉

Little did I know this would be the easy part of the journey. The most challenging part started on March 23rd, 2009…my activation day. The wait was tough too….not being able to wear a hearing aid in that ear and not knowing what to expect.

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