Poker Face

This guy….

Lee’s BSL Songs (this link will take you to his youtube channel)

…has done over 200 songs in BSL (British Sign Language)….

He explains the reason why he learned sign language in his About Me section.
“It may not be obvious, but I have both Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndromes. I love signing as it relieves me from my tics. If there are people on the autistic spectrum, signing at a young age is a wonderful way to help with emotion and communication, and signing will enable them improve these skills in later life, I’d recommend it.”

Anyways, he did Poker Face by Lady Gaga…then another person decided to add subtitles and the music video. It was pretty cool to hear the song, watch Lee sign it, read the lyrics, and watch the music video all at once. It’s kind of a new concept. I did have to watch it a few times because it is a lot to watch all at once but I really liked the combination….full access to everything!

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