Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Band Hero

I’m not a big fan of video games or even games in general. Usually the only games I really enjoy are fast paced or physical (e.g. Twister, sports).

A few years ago I got into Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I absolutely LOVED the game. I always thought it was good for a deaf person because you didn’t have to hear to play it. I got the game the summer before my 2nd year of graduate school and became a bit…obsessed with it at times.
It took me a while to grasp the concept of the game because I couldn’t follow the beat with my HA (even to this day with the CI, I cannot). It got to the point where I would play it for hours at a time or until the downstairs neighbors would take a broom to the ceiling telling me to stop.
The odd thing I always found was that it would take me a while to persuade hearing buddies to play it even though they had the advantage of hearing. The only 2 hearing friends who would play it without me begging were my roommates, Sarah and Ashley. Sometimes all of 3 of us would be in the living room jumping around.

Sarah and me
Devki (a bit unsure)

The word somehow got out to the some of the incoming 1st year class that I liked DDR. I was walking from the library one day during orientation week with a friend and she wanted to introduce me to some of the 1st year students. The first thing a couple of them said to me was….you like DDR?!? Whaa?!? Like they couldn’t imagine a deaf person liking that game (which makes no sense to me because it’s so visual).
Then I put the game away for some time because I felt bad for bothering the downstairs neighbors. I then got Guitar Hero which was a great Masters thesis destresser. I once again became a bit obsessed with it. I would oftentimes play late at night/early morning so I would mute the TV as not to wake anyone up. That game got put away once I had to put my nose to the grind and complete my thesis.
Meena and me
Lindsey and Steph
I’ve really wanted Band Hero for a while because of the drums! Dennis bought Band Hero a couple of weeks ago. I. Love. That. Game. The drums are tough but so much fun! I’m so tempted to buy my own set but I would probably become obsessed with it….maybe I should just rediscover DDR and save some moolah 😉
Anyways, Sunday was Super Bowl. After the game, a bunch of us ended up playing Band Hero for almost 3 hours. What was awesome about this…was the fact that out of 11 of us…only 2 were hearing and it took a while to convince just one hearie to even play. The rest of us deafies were all over this game.
Yes, a couple of us (not me!) even sang. It’s pretty cool to be able to see the lyrics also. It was just nice to see that no one felt rejected when we were playing Band Hero. Music can be a sensitive issue among some deaf people. However, we had people who aren’t HA/CI users, CI users, and HA users getting into Band Hero.
People who usually don’t like music were having a blast and were even singing!
One interesting thing is that even though I’m a CI user and was a HA user for a long time…I just could never pick out the beat well enough to follow it auditory. I’ve always followed it visually unlike a lot of the HoH (hard-of-hearing) and CI users in the group. It was nice to see non CI/HA users getting into it also. I don’t have any photos to post of us playing Band Hero (yet…..).
To me, you do NOT have to be able to hear to enjoy music. I just enjoy moving around while trying to follow the rhythm (challenging!) on a guitar, dance mat, or drum set.
Anyone want to bet to see how long it will take before I cave in and buy my own Band Hero? 😉

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