Short Bus Culture

If you were deaf/hoh, mainstreamed, and grew up in the late 80s/early 90s….you were probably bussed.

I don’t think I ever went to my home school, I was always bussed to the school that had “special services”…which meant….riding the….
*drum roll*

It also meant you were stuck on the bus for an hour to an hour and half one way.
I was talking about this with a friend at lunch today. This topic has came up more than once among deaf/hoh friends for many different reasons. Anyways, Gretchen and I were exchanging short bus war stories. 😉 She came up with the brilliant idea that us deafies should get together and write a book about our short bus experiences.
I do think the short bus culture deserves a book all of its own. However, for the time being I’m going to post a few stories here as I think of them. I also invite my fellow readers to submit stories to be posted here.

3 thoughts on “Short Bus Culture

  1. i hated the short bus! it was horrible. it had all the special ed students on there. man, i struggled with that identity because i was just deaf, not part of special ed. horrible. I have nightmares about the short bus!

  2. When I first saw comments or even insults by one deaf to another regarding the "little Yellow Bus" or "Short Bus" I was befuddled. I grew up in a big city and even when I attended a mainstream program for a while, I never rode the short bus, not even a short yellow bus. First, I rode the LOOOONNNNGGG Yellow bus and when I got a bit older, I took the city bus! Or some days, my mom would drive me. For me, this short bus or little yellow bus indicates transportation for pre-school kids. So, I have no clue how this would affect others. However, for some deaf to use this to offend other deaf just really says a lot about the person, really.Candy~

  3. Candy,I'm not sure if you view this post as offensive or not. This post isn't meant to be offensive. Rather the purpose is to eventually to bring up the point that people who ride the short bus get stereotyped. If you are seen riding the short bus in the 'burbs…teachers, classmates, parents, etc…will make wrong assumptions about you and your abilities. Sad, but that's society. I kind of wanted to bring an awareness to the fact that the short bus shouldn't be used as a label. There's also a lot that goes on when riding the short bus that parents aren't aware of.Kelly

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