Ms. Hy-Vee Cashier

Dear Ms. Hy-Vee cashier,

I know we came into your store kind of late last night. However, Jessika needed to pick up some toilet paper and I was hungry.

I was in the middle of a conversation with Morgan and Marie while you rang up my pizza rolls. You did see that I had cash out and all ready for you before you even rang up the pizza rolls.

However, when I get excited in a conversation…I kind of get lost in the moment and forget things. Certain things like…not to sign with cash in my hand.

I apologize for making you lean over the counter trying to grab the cash out of my hand while I was signing. You didn’t look too thrilled at the fact that the $20 bill was flying through the air at a high speed with an unpredictable pattern of movement. I’m not sure how long you would have tried to grab the bill if it hadn’t been for Morgan who burst out into laughter at your missed attempts and told me to stop talking and give you the $20 bill. 🙂

I promise it was unintentional.



2 thoughts on “Ms. Hy-Vee Cashier

  1. Wow! What a rude Ms. Hy-Vee Cashier! She needs to be patient. There's other method such as hand-wave or tap at your shoulder instead grab $ out of your hand (My first thought – THIEF!!!). Maybe you need make phone call or write letter to Manager or Hy-Vee's Corporation (I know it's a lot hasslel) Ms. Hy-Vee Cashier need to have someone else grab $ out of her hand while she was unaware and see how she would feel.Jez, that kind thing upset, there's no way to treat people like that (does NOT matter if you are Deaf, Hearing, or Disability – Show Some Respect!).

  2. Sorry, one last comment (This really upset me big time). Funny thing, once in while, I watched Tru-TV, Cops, or Reality TV show that Cashier at gas station or any type of store always got mad or get their "Defense Mode" up when Thief tried to rob $ from cashier, now, look who talking…

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