Learning a New Instrument

Why I don’t play an instrument…

My main concern is not being able to hear…..it’s my hands.

Arthritis and hand issues seem to run in my family. Well, what do you need to play most instruments with? Hands!

I actually was tested for some types of arthritis recently but they were ruled out (whew!). I’m still not 100% confident it’s all been ruled out. I do have Raynaud’s syndrome/phenomena which has hit me really hard this winter (I’ve had “attacks” everyday for the past 2 weeks). It was a major, major, major, challenge snowboarding too.

Sometimes I can’t even hold a piece of paper for more than 1-2 minutes without my hands cramping. I did struggle with giving presentations in graduate school because the classrooms were cold (people with Raynaud’s are more sensitive to temperature change especially cold) and my hands just wouldn’t cooperate..a bit challenging….when one uses their hands to communicate.

Anyhoo. My hands have always cramped up really quickly even when I play Guitar Hero after just 15-20 minutes…it….HURTS. I can usually ignore it but it does affect my performance in video games and even sports. I feel it even when I spend more than 5 minutes on my hair (straightening, blow drying, etc.). Most people don’t even realize it until I mention it to them because I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part and adapt in other ways.

That is probably the major challenge right now. Would my hands cooperate? I would be happy to learn an instrument without the CI and in total silence if my hands would cooperate…

I actually almost bought a beginner guitar a couple of months ago but I just didn’t know if my hands would take to it.

Honestly…I don’t think my ability to hear or not hear would affect my desire or ability to play an instrument (to a certain degree)…what would affect it would be my hands. It might take me longer to learn an instrument because I can’t hear but I know it’s possible….but…would I be able to handle it with my hands? I don’t know….

It takes me an hour or so in the mornings after I wake up before I can even get a good grip on objects…….


I still want to give it a shot at some point in my life……and I will. Believe me, I will. 🙂

1 thought on “Learning a New Instrument

  1. Drums… or a real guitar?I've always wanted to play the drums.. I even had the drum pads for a little bit, but since I didn't have a real interest in music at that time in high school, I had no motivation to really get into it.Let's start our own rock band! We can call it "DDR" – "Determined Deaf Rejects." 😉

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