There’s an Airplane Inside the House

I went over to Dennis’ to hang out and catch up on some work while a P90X workout session was going on. After dinner, Dennis and I were surfing the Internet. He found a post about a solar powered airplane and wanted to watch video clips about it. The Internet was acting funny so it took a while for the video clips to load. We got sidetracked with something entirely different while the video clips were loading and I completely forgot we had been talking about airplanes.

Next thing I know….I hear an airplane. My initial reaction was I wanted to duck because it sounded like it was just a few feet above my head then common sense kicked in…reminding myself that I was inside a house and airplanes don’t fly that low overhead in residual areas. I immediately turned around trying to figure out the source of sound (deaf people with hearing aids/CIs usually can’t figure out where sounds are coming from).

I could not figure out what it was and was completely confused. Common sense was telling me that there was no way it could have been an airplane since airplanes don’t exactly fly around in houses…but there was nothing that I could see that seemed to match up with what I had just heard.

Aha! It was from the computer a couple of feet away from me. It was playing a video clip of the solar powered airplane taking off.

So what?

Well, I depend a lot on my surroundings in order to figure out what I’m hearing. For example I have a general idea of what all I may hear when I’m in a classroom, outside, inside, etc. I use that knowledge in order to identify what I hear. I can probably figure out about 80% of the environmental sounds I hear based up on knowing my surroundings. If I were to listen to a record player playing all sort of random environmental sounds without any knowledge of what surroundings/situations it was….I probably would only be able to guess about 30-40% correctly.

I was able to know immediately that what I was hearing was an airplane even though it didn’t fit any possible “inside a house” sounds.

That was a confusing moment. 🙂

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