Libraries are NOT Quiet

I’m at the local library working on stuff for work.

I don’t care what people say, libraries aren’t quiet.

People coughing

Humming of computers, fluorescent lights, etc.

People talking

People putting stuff away in their bags or getting stuff out

Noisy kids

Chairs being moved

Books being put away

Yes, libraries are quieter than the average public place but definitely not as quiet as I had always assumed they were.

I decided to take my CI off to focus on work better. That’s one of the perks of being deaf….you have an “off” button and can turn the world of sounds off.

However, I did forget to check the volume of my laptop after I turned the CI off. I was watching the ASL music video I recently posted with the volume on…..and didn’t realize the sound was on for a while. Oops….I was probably the loudest person in the library at that time. Once again I proved there is some truth to the idea that deaf people are loud even though we can’t hear. 😉

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