6 Months Mapping!

Geeze Whiz! 6 months since I’ve been activated?! When did that happen?!

The last 6 months has been quite a ride with its ups and downs but it’s been a good ride overall.

I do have to confess that the CI has taken kind of a back burner this past month because I have had to focus on other things. I haven’t been able to do much training with it so it’s kind of like someone pushed the pause button on my progress with the CI. I should be able to get back into the flow of things after the end of this week.

I went in for mapping and came out with 4 different programs to play with over the next few weeks. I did mention to my audiologist that I cannot hear sirens….we’ll see if one of the programs will help with that. She did give me a program that processes sounds slower which may give my slow brain more of a chance to recognize that I’m hearing something but it does affect the quality of the sound….sooo…we’ll see if I like it or not.

On a random note why would you buy your approximately 18 month child squeaky shoes?!? I walked into the building for my appointment and I kept hearing something. I thought it sounded kind of loud for the small number of people who were in the waiting room. I thought maybe it was the toddler talking/making noises but the sound didn’t match up to a voice sound. I then thought maybe it was the toy he was playing with but once again it didn’t match up. Finally my interpreter said that his shoes had some sort of squeaky things in them. Every single time that child took a step it made a noise and you know 18 month old kids just don’t sit still for very long.

The kid was behind me so I couldn’t really see what all he was doing. I slowly started to realize that I could tell when he was near me and when he was running around. I could tell when he was moving further away from me. I also caught myself turning around when he was no longer squeaking to be sure he was okay.

Maybe I should get my future kids squeaky shoes so I can keep track of them….kind of like cow bells ya know.

This was a super quick post….who knows if it made any sense whatsoever. Off to bed I go while everyone else gets up for work!

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