Worst Sound Ever

I’m starting to gradually associate certain sounds with meanings and emotions instead of just representing something visual.

I think I just heard the worst sound ever today.

Let me back up a bit. A cousin of mine is in the ICU so I went up to the hospital to visit him this afternoon. I spent a couple of hours in the waiting in the ICU room; there was another family there.

This family had about 40 members present and I learned their story quickly. Apparently a young lady was shot. I happened to be in the waiting room when someone told me they overheard that this lady had just been declared brain dead.

A couple of minutes later her mother walked in sobbing. I was wearing my CI at that time and had my back to her. I couldn’t see her but could hear her. I had to really choke back the tears. I came pretty close to just turning my CI off.

A mother grieving over the loss of her child. Worst. Sound. Ever.

In the mean time I’m really hoping things turn out okay for my cousin.

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