What’s the Most Frustrating Thing About Being Deaf?

What’s the most frustrating thing about being deaf?

People ask me this from time to time. I usually have to stop and think. I tend to say something along the lines of communication barriers and feeling left out. That’s the easy and quick answer.

When actually, I think the MOST frustrating things are:
1) Ignorant people
2) People who don’t seem to have any common sense
3) People who feel sorry for me

This is when we have to:
-be patient
-be willing to educate others
-be willing to meet people halfway

1 thought on “What’s the Most Frustrating Thing About Being Deaf?

  1. not being able to make a phone call without people saying, oh we don't take relay calls. this has happened a lot this past year! and it's pissing me off! but really — it's mostly the fact that i have to explain that i'm deaf even though I speak oh so very well. it's just years and years of speech therapy.

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