My Car Ate My CI

My car tried to eat my CI.

I had my CI plugged into my iPod and took it off to fix my hair before heading out to meet up with a few people. I was running late and had to bring several items out to the car. Of course I decided I would try to bring it all out in one trip….including my CI still attached to the iPod (I hadn’t put it back on my ear yet).

I threw all of the stuff into the passenger seat and then realized the CI was gone. It was gone only for a few seconds but it was one of those heart stopping moments. I looked around and quickly found it.

It was attached to the side of my car.

Oh the wonders of magnet and metal……although I’m glad I didn’t accidently end up testing the strength of the magnet by going 70 mph on the highway.

*note to self* When CI goes missing….check metal items first…..

2 thoughts on “My Car Ate My CI

  1. LOL! I've had a few of those moments!!! I actually put my CI on one day and couldn't figure out why it was sticking so far out, but I was in a hurry and didn't pay much attention to it…. was just annoying that all of a sudden I couldn't put the magnet under my hair! well…. I took it off in the car and saw a hearing aid battery attached to the magnet that had been between my head and the magnet the whole time… and even with the battery attached directly to my head and not the magnet, the CI worked fine. 😛

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