Hear, Sound, and Listen

I’ve always used the words “hear”, “sound,” and “listen.”

For example I may say something like “oh, I heard she went to the store” or “she doesn’t sound like she’s going camping” or “I’m going to listen to this lecture.”

Even though I may not really be hearing or listening (e.g. no CI or hearing aids on). It goes to show that there are many different meanings of these words.

Why am I bringing this up?

I will use heard/sound/listen with deaf friends and most of them use these words themselves also. Every once in a while I’ll get chewed out by a deaf person for using those terms with them. I’ve even had it pointed out to me by hearing people. Is it really wrong for me to use these words? I think not.

I hear. I listen. Just in a different way.

On another note. I’m not feeling great today and have declared today a CI-free day. I think most of you know what I’m talking about. Even hearing people want peace and quiet when they don’t feel great.

2 thoughts on “Hear, Sound, and Listen

  1. Hey girlfriend! Hope tomorrow is a better day! What a goofy thing to get reamed for by anyone no matter what kind of audiogram they may have. 😛 ((hugs))

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