Colorado Trip-Part 1 of 3

Brace yourself for a picture overload! Mike, Tara, Dennis, and I went on a 9 day camping trip to Colorado. Between the 4 of us, we took oodles of photos and it was really hard to narrow it down. These pictures are a mix of all of ours so I can’t claim credit for all of them. 😉

Day #1: Drove to Denver where we met up with some other people for dinner and crashed at a hotel.

Day #2: We woke up to discover that we had a dead battery and had to call AAA to come to our rescue. We then did some camping supply shopping. It was quite a task to get everything to fit into the car. Stuff would just fall out whenever we opened up the trunk. We made our way to Rocky Mountain National Park and did some hiking. Later that night, we discovered we weren’t the….best….camping cookers. We struggled with cooking dinner almost every night the whole trip!

Day #3: We did some hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked Flat Top Mountain (a 12Ker). There were still mounds of snow that we had to hike through. Let me tell ya….it’s fun to have snowball fights in June!

To be continued…..

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