Finally, There’s THAT Sound!

You know the noise a car makes when you lock it with a remote key?

I didn’t know for years that it even made a noise until I started driving a car that had a remote key. I just never made the connection until I realized I was hearing something whenever I pushed the lock button. It was so nice once I realized that because then I didn’t have to check and make sure it was locked. I could just lock it as I walked off and know that it was locked.

This was with my hearing aids.

It’s also a good example of how sometimes people don’t always think about little things that can make a difference.

Well that changed when I got the CI. I could NOT hear that sound for 2 months at all. It was driving me up the wall that I was not hearing something I could hear with hearing aids. I could not figure out why. I finally started hearing it 2 weeks ago!

Turns out I was actually hearing it but wasn’t making the connection. I always thought it made a sort of beep, beep, beep sound whenever I locked it because that was way I heard it with hearing aids. So I kept trying to listen for that pattern of sound with the CI and it just wasn’t happening.

It took 2 months of me blaming it on the wind and other outside noises before I realized that it actually made a constant sound. I asked someone to listen to it to verify that it made one long constant sound rather than a broken sound. Sure enough. Apparently there’s a certain frequency/pitch or something in the middle of that constant noise my hearing aid wasn’t picking up hence the reason why I kept trying to listen for something that was broken up (___, ____, _____) vs a constant sound (__________________).

I still do miss it every once in a while due to other outside noises but it is so nice to finally be able to walk off and know when it’s being locked…instead of pulling on the car door handle to verify that the car has been locked.

2 thoughts on “Finally, There’s THAT Sound!

  1. It sounds different??? I want to go check my car out now… (only I'm several states away until tomorrow night!) That's really funny though! Ah, the things we have to reconfigure in our noggins!

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