I Think I Will Like This

People have been asking if I like my CI. I keep telling them to ask me in a few months because I don’t want to form an opinion yet. In other words I didn’t want to admit upfront that I didn’t like it much the first 2 weeks (so overwhelming) because I knew deep down I would learn to like it on some level. I didn’t want to get it stuck in my mind that I didn’t like it because then I wouldn’t put forward the effort with auditory rehab.

I’m at a point where I have made peace with this previously so called torture device. I do like it better and better each day. The thing that just bothers me the most is that I’m still working on trying to get back what I could hear with my hearing aids. Once I have that back…I’ll like it a lot better 😉 It’s just hard to lose something you’ve worked so hard on for many years without knowing 100% for sure that you will get something even better in the long run.

I would say I’m back to about 70-75% of what I could hear before with my hearing aids and of course I have some bonus sounds that I couldn’t hear before…which makes me happy! 😀 Well…except for my computer fan. That fan just drives me insane when I’m trying to do auditory rehab on my laptop.

I think I will like the CI eventually….I’m already starting to like it. I also wanted to make it clear that I have never regretted my decision and I don’t think I ever will.

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