Can I Feel The Implant?

A few people have asked if I can feel the implant and it seems to be a somewhat common question.

I have also had people ask if I can feel the array or if it feels like there’s something in my ear. Answer is: nope.

The only time I can feel the implant is if I’m laying on the implanted side and even then I don’t always feel it. The implant is right under the skin so there is a bump where the implant is. I can feel the outline of the implant with my fingers. I’ll forget about it until I’m brushing or washing my hair and it’s kind of like….oh, yeah….that’s right…there’s something there and a little bed was drilled into my skull to secure it. lol.

It’s just wild how cochlear implants work. I do have to say that the first person to get a CI was pretty brave.

Anyways, I had a pretty good weekend. Tornado season is officially here and we’ve had tornado warnings/watches for the last 2 days along with 3 tornadoes. It’s just not springtime in Kansas without tornadoes.

Btw, don’t forget House tomorrow. 😉

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