Pick Out a Song

Music has changed over the last few weeks with my CI. Sometimes it sounds kind of flat and monotone…and just blah. Other times I’m able to enjoy it. This is something that seems to change from day to day.

I can sometimes pick out the voices (no clue what they’re singing) in some songs which I couldn’t do a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes I can’t even pick out any beats and it’s just one constant annoying sound.

Anyways, I’m getting tired of listening to the same songs. I gave up listening to the radio in my car several years ago when I got tired of always hearing a new song I liked and not knowing what I was listening to….a bit annoying. I can’t overhear people talking about music and I outgrew MTV a few years ago….so my exposure to new songs is a bit limited.

I have a $15 iTunes gift card which will get me 10-15 songs. Help me expand my taste in music. Shoot me one of your favorite songs (I prefer something with some beat)and I will download it from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Pick Out a Song

  1. I don’t know if you’ll enjoy this or not, but I listen to “The Current”, a Minnesota NPR station all of the time (no, not the talk kind). They have some really cool local and indie music that I enjoy. And they stream for free over the web, and the site tells you the name of the song and the group. You might want to try it out, and if you like a song, you can download it or check out the group.Go to http://minnesota.publicradio.org/On the upper-right find the box for “The Current” and “listen”.

  2. There are a lot of songs and music videos on YouTube you could watch for free to get some ideas too.Also check out pandora.com – it’s radio-like and tells you what song you’re listening to. Actually, most online radios tell you the song, and I believe satellite (XM) radio for your car will tell you the song playing. It’s something I have trouble with too and why I don’t listen to the radio.For songs to listen to – I don’t know, I really like the soundtrack to RENT, but I’ve always liked musicals because the songs are also the story. All of their official videos from the current Broadway tour are captioned on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/EverythingIsRENTMaybe we need a CI – music forum where we can post songs and discuss what they sound like.

  3. Scott: I’ll check that out.Sara: I think you’re onto something about the CI music forum. I think that would be a great idea! I also read your recent blog post. You’re one busy woman! Keep us updated on your CI surgery, activation, and all that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just started listening to this song a few days ago. It’s called “Green Light” by John Legend. I love how you can hear his voice really well through the music he plays. It’s a bit uptempo though. Not sure if you’ll like it though since it’s a bit different than my favorite band. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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