KU Sorrows and Swapping CIs

*sighs* KU lost 😦

Ok ok ok….so maybe I was expecting too much after winning the National Championship last year. Although making it to the Sweet Sixteen is pretty good considering we have a young team and we won it all last year. Beware, next year…we may just win it all again! 😉

I will be cheering against MU for the remaining of March Madness. It’s a law of physics…MU can’t do that much better than KU.

A bunch of us got together for the game. We drove around for an hour before the game and checked out 5 different places to watch the game. No luck. One place had a 4 hour wait. So we ended up going to a friend’s apartment. Afterwards, we went to another place to just chill and hang out.

I got a lot of “How do you like your CI?” I just kind of laughed and told them to ask me that again in a few months. 😉

A lot of audiologists will tell you to not swap CIs with someone else. Ummm…..of course that makes me curious. Never tell me not to do something because then I’ll try to figure out why. :-p Also, for the record I was never told that directly so I officially did NOT go against any one’s instructions. 😉

A lot of it has to do with the fact that everyone has different mappings and it may just entirely throw you off if you try someone else’s mapping.

I was talking to someone about how it’s a bit frustrating right now with my CI and that it will just take time. This person then wanted to try my CI. So I let this person try it. This person could hear NOTHING with my CI. This person then asked me if I wanted to try her/his CI. After a few “No…no…no way….(that’s me trying to be a good CI patient…which I failed at, lol)” I let my curiosity get better of me once again and I thought that this was going to be one of my extremely dumb moments. I then slapped her/his CI on after a couple of “don’t pass out” comments from fellow cyborgs. I thought it would be so horrible that I would just end up throwing it across the room after 2 seconds of having it on.

Surprisingly, I liked her/his CI much better. It did sound exactly the same as mine (monotone constant high frequency sounds), but it was at a much more comfortable volume. Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse. Although in the long run, I’m glad I did try it.

Fascinating…..she/he couldn’t hear anything with mine, but I liked his/her better simply because of the volume level. That goes to show you how much of it depends on how your brain rewires things. It’s just fascinating to me how those 2 CIs sounded so similar to me but entirely different to this fellow cyborg.

I then had a couple of friends mention that I may be pushing myself too much and that it’s ok to just take tinnyyy babyyy steps. They’re right. It’s so easy to set up yourself for failure with something like this. I don’t like taking baby steps, I like taking giant leaps while figuring out the in-between steps later……even though that usually results in more crashes than necessary. I have been doing pretty good this week taking it one step at a time considering my general tendency to want to just skip the in-between steps.

Honestly, I think this CI journey is going to teach me so much more than just learning how to “hear.”

Err…It’s almost 4:30 am. Whoops. Life would be so much simpler if the rest of the world operated on my sleeping schedule. 😉 Night!

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