Music and CI

Erhmm…I’m a bit blog happy today. In other words, I’m bored.

Remember that post yesterday about how I miss listening to music and I didn’t even want to try to listen to it for a long time with the CI.

I lied.

Well, not really.

I caved in.

I’ve read some conflicting views about CI and music. Some say it can be difficult to develop an appreciation for music with CIs but I don’t know the reasons behind it. If it has to do with how the CI processes sound itself or what. I do have several friends with CIs who enjoy music so it is possible.

Anyways, I couldn’t resist. Curiosity got better of me.

I picked out 2 familiar songs on youtube and turned the volume WAYYY down on my laptop because I’m very sensitive to sounds right now. I don’t think I’ve ever had the volume down this low when listening to music.

Let’s just say…it’s very umm interesting…

I was already familiar with the beats of those 2 particular songs (The White Stripes and The Ting Tings) which helped.

I can’t tell the voices from the instruments. It’s just a pulsing sensation that corresponds with the beats unless there’s a lot of varying beats (then it no longer corresponds with the beats because it’s overloading) at the same pitch.


I think 2 songs are enough for now, lol. I can only take so much at a time!

2 thoughts on “Music and CI

  1. This brings up my one and only major complaint about my CI. I remember that my old hearing aids could somewhat produce bass to a degree. Not my CI. Whenever I hook my Zune up to my CI through a direct connection, I couldn’t stand the fact that while I can hear the beats…I can’t feel them. So instead of direct connection, I use a high-powered over-the-ear headphone to give me the bass I enjoy…as well as my car stereo.

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