How Cochlear Implants Work

I have been trying to find a decent video clip about how cochlear implants work. I can’t seem to find one that meets my standards. They’re either too long, not clear enough, or too graphic.

These are the best ones I could find that were short (the first one is a bit over a minute long and the second one is about 40 seconds long).

I’m a visual person myself so I’m going to post some pictures for anyone who wants to see exactly what a cochlear implant looks like (all pictures are from Cochlear’s website). There are 3 CI companies. I chose Cochlear Americas’ Nucleus Freedom.

This is the implant that will be surgically implanted on the side of left head. The little circle silver part is the magnet itself:
In the above picture you can barely see the little curl at the end of the electrode array. Below is a close up of the part that will be put into my cochlea. There are 22 electrodes which basically stimulates the auditory nerve.

To illustrate the size of the implant itself:

A couple of weeks after surgery I will receive the external device/sound processor which will look like this (mine will be silver with dark brown magnet to help it blend into my hair somewhat). The size is about the same size as a hearing aid except it’s a lot more “thicker” and will stand out more than a hearing aid does:

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