Surgery Date

So, I have the sort of luck where if I say something about something it gets jinxed. šŸ™‚

Sure enough, less than 10 hours after I posted the last entry about surgery being next week….I got an e-mail from my audiologist saying that they had to change the surgery date from March 5th to 10th. I’m guessing there was a scheduling conflict. I’m not too surprised that this happened. Especially since it’s just a CI surgery…it’s not surgery for something that’s life-threatening, for pain, for illness, etc. I’ve also learned a bit more about the behind-the-scene stuff during my genetic counseling clinic rotations about why things always seem to get rescheduled and why we end up having to wait in the waiting room forever. I’m just glad that it wasn’t postponed that much. I just hope March 10th will be the official day!

The one good thing is that the surgery will now be in the morning and not in the afternoon. I wasn’t too thrilled about the surgery being in the afternoon. You know how hospitals seem to operate on their own time zone and nothing ever seems to happen on the scheduled time. I was a bit concerned that things may run a bit late and then I might end up having to stay overnight which I SO SO do not want to have to do! Now that the surgery will be in the morning….it’ll allow more time if things get behind schedule and for me to recover before heading home. Surgery has been scheduled for 11:30 am on March 10th, but the doctor’s hoping to get me bumped up to 8 am.

Just gotta be patient and play the waiting game a bit more. šŸ˜‰

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