Next Week

I don’t pay much attention to dates/months. I’m lucky if I get the year right! Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but you get the idea.

I’ve tried to make it a point to pay attention to the dates and how many weeks I have left until the CI surgery. I just knew that if I didn’t I would probably not realize until the day before surgery. Even though I’ve been trying to pay attention to the dates, it feels so weird to say that next week I’m having a CI surgery…it makes it seem more real.

People keep asking me if I’m excited?

Well. I’m not exactly excited about the getting cut up and sewn up part. Aside from that part…yes, I am. Too bad I can’t just skip the whole surgery part.

I’m the kind of person who HATES being taken care of. I HATE when people have to reschedule their day for me. I HATE when people have to wait on me and I also HATE waiting. I HATE when I have oodles of strangers touching me. I HATE being confined to a small room. Well, all of that comes into play when one has surgery. Too bad I can’t show up at the hospital already knocked out so I don’t have to deal with all that. 😉 I have a somewhat short attention span, am sensitive to touch, am a bit claustrophobic, and independent. I won’t completely freak out though, I can handle it. I just keep having to remind myself that it’s okay to let others take care of me and I will appreciate it when I need it. 😀

I have watched youtube clips of CI surgeries. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to everyone. I’m just the sort of person who likes to know exactly (or as much as possible) what will happen. It’s one thing to watch a surgery that you won’t have and another thing to watch one that you will have. I thought it might make me scared, but it didn’t. It made me more interested in the surgical technical stuff. I actually want to see all the instruments/tools they use and machines they use. Although, I must admit it’s going to be weird being undergoing something that’s 100% out of my control.

I know I probably sound like I’m freaking out about surgery. I promise, I’m not freaking out about it. I’m just blogging about it because I’ve found that a lot of people who blog about their CI surgeries (or other surgeries) tend not to talk about their thoughts/perspectives/emotions prior to surgery. There’s always this gap in their blog entries that just completely skips pre-operation stuff.

I do have to get a staph culture done this week to make sure I’m okay for surgery. I’ve had recurring staph skin infections growing up. Hopefully that will show up negative and I won’t have to postpone surgery. I still have to have all the blood work done. If everything goes well, surgery will be next Thursday (March 5th ) at 1pm (although I have to show up at 11am and do some waiting while getting poked with needles), it will last ~1.5 hours. If things go well during surgery then I will head home late afternoon/early evening with a GIANT bandage on my head that will make it look worse than it really is.

Between now and April 21st I will have a grand total of at least 10 appointments (including mappings). Oh, joy. There goes all my gas driving to/from appointments.

So yep, next week is March. Which also means March Madness begins….whoo-hoo!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!

5 thoughts on “Next Week

  1. Wow…things certainly has changed since I had my operation when I was 9. When I had the surgery, I had to stay in a hospital room for 3 or 4 days. Now it looks like you just go in and out in hours. Interesting that the bandage bit hasn’t changed at all. 🙂 In my opinion, it’s a good thing I stayed at the hospital because when I got out, I went straight to my doc and he cut the bandage off. So no need to feel weird walking around with my head wrapped in the public. 😀 It may be a pain in the butt, but I think you’ll appreciate the new sounds that comes with being implanted. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jim! I guess if things go fine with the surgery and I recover fine from the anesthesia then I get to go home that same day. I’ll then be responsible for cutting off the bandage myself the next day.It’s really interesting to see how things have changed over the years…makes you wonder what the next 10-20 years will bring us.

  3. Hi Kelly — I came across you from Bionically Yours.Your perspective is interesting — I actually didn’t freak out until about 3 days before surgery, then I kind of went *what was i thinking?*Honestly, I was up and at ’em the next day. I don’t like being “babied” the only thing I needed help with was having the surgery incision cleaned, and to me that was super important. other than that, it’s pretty easy to get along on your own. We were out running errands the next day (yes with the ear cap!) Good luck with the surgery! my web site:

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