I Have A Brain!!!

I have a brain!!!

So, I’ll share the details of today’s cochlear implant appointment later when I have more time and energy. I just wanted to share the results with you all that I do actually have a full-sized brain in case any of you were doubting that. :-p

Let me rewind.

I had to have a CT-scan this afternoon prior to my appointment with the cochlear implant surgeon. After being stuck in a huge white machine I was handed a giant envelope with about 10 sheets filled with “pictures” of my lovely insides to take to the surgeon. Afterwards, I had this huge plan to sit in my car for about 5-10 minutes and try to analyze my CT-scans even though I don’t know much about ear bones. On my walk back to the car I had a light bulb moment and realized that…hey! I bet my brain’s included in these pictures!

I jumped into my car and tried to look for my brain (a whole head shot) photo. I kept pulling sheet after sheet of what showed my ear bones and cochlea….then finally! I found what I was looking for!

My brain! How many people can say they’ve seen a picture of their brain?! Pretty niffy, eh?

And yes, I’m sleep deprived.

1 thought on “I Have A Brain!!!

  1. Did you realize that you pretty much left yourself open for some teasing at that “I have a brain” comment? 🙂 Anyway, I saw a CT scan of my head before I got my implant and I share the same feelings…I thought it was quite cool. Though I thought it was a bit less detailed. Granted it was way back in 1992 and I would bet imagining technology has improved quite a bit since then. lol

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