Elephant Shoes or Olive Juice?

This is going to be yet another short post. I want to emphasis 2 things in this post.

1) Lipreading isn’t as easy as one may think.

2) Only 25-35% of spoken English is readable on the lips under ideal conditions (which rarely happens) and without any auditory input (hearing aids, cochlear implant).

Anddd……now…..*drumrolll* I present my first vlog!

By the way, ignore all the mistakes I made (I’m a vlog newbie!) and my dorkiness 🙂


3 thoughts on “Elephant Shoes or Olive Juice?

  1. Hey, just throw in my idea that you might be interest to read “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” by David Wroblewski. It is pretty thick book and got some mixed review about it. The book is already selected for 2008 Oprah’s book club.It has main character of deaf boy who is “mute” and can only speak through sign and so on.Now to the point, I thought this might be interesting for you to do Blog or Vlog about it in future. I need to do little bit research on this book myself before I start read it (or after). I wonder if author is deaf or just other hearing who happen to write main deaf character and he might never been in touch/ or exposure to real Deaf culture.

  2. I did … horrible. On the first example, I could tell the third phrase (I love you) was different from the first two. However, I had absolutely no idea what any of them were. Ugh. BTW, I like your necklace … very nice.

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