Kansas Weather

How do I know when I’m in Kansas?

When the high is 60 (degrees fahrenheits) and low is 5 degrees with windchills of -5-10 degrees F all in a span of 6 hours (dropped 29 degrees in 1 hour). Throw in 30 mph winds, sleet, and snow (more ice than snow as ususal)….and there you have it…Kansas weather in a nutshell. Brilliant.

And folks…this is why I showed up in NYC always dressing in layers. It took me a while to realize that temperatures there tend to be pretty constant throughout the day and that it wasn’t necessary to dress in multi-layers. Now that I’m back in Kansas I’m relearning the fine art of layering my clothes once again. It’s not that unusual for it to be in the 60s-70s one day with everyone hanging outside in shorts then the next day it’s in the 20s-30s and snowing.

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