Next Genetic Related Post

I have had several topics in mind for the last week about what I want my next entry related to genetics to be about. I will probably address all of these topics at some point but can’t decide which one to focus on first (hence the reason why the last few entries have been a bit pointless). So, let’s vote!

1) How do I interact with hearing patients? How do they react to me? Does it affect their decision making process? If so, how and is it in a positive or a negative way?

2) Hearing patients vs Institutions (how their perspective on a deaf genetic counselor student has differed)

3) What is the sign language interpreter’s role? How do I invent signs for genetic terms (there are almost no established signs for genetic terms)?

4) How might I counsel a hearing patient differently from a deaf patient. Even more, how might I counsel a hard-of-hearing patient differently from a culturally Deaf patient? Should I even counsel them differently?

5) As a deaf person do I have an unspoken responsibility to the deaf community?

6) How can I show people that there is a need for a deaf genetic counselor. Why do they always focus on the negative things? How can I turn those assumed negative things into positive things?

7) I’ve struggled with this question since the day I started applying for undergraduate colleges. When I apply for something, do I tell people from the very first second that I’m deaf or not? It’s not something that I’m trying to “hide” or anything but I don’t want to be rejected before they even check to see if I’m qualified.

8) If I do become involved with the deaf community through genetic counseling how will that affect my ability to socialize within the deaf community during my post-GCing hours? The deaf community is small and everyone knows everyone.

9) Suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Next Genetic Related Post

  1. By the time this comments page loaded, I forgot what numbers were what! They all sound good! I think the last one ?8 would be good, bc i know you agonize over it! (PS i got your text! thank you! ColdStone and BOrders sent me bday coupons.)

  2. I’ll blog about #1, #4, #7, and #8 in that order…then will go back and blog about the rest eventually.Now, I just need to get around to blogging about them….soon!

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